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How are you supporting your families in faith formation this summer?
LECFamily makes it easy!

Family Camp and Grandparents and Me are the perfect opportunity for families to spend a fun weekend or week in a stress-free environment, focusing simply on being together, having fun and growing in faith!

Grandparents and Me
June 27-30, July 18-21
Grandparents and grandchildren ages 5-12 - see the website for more information!

Family Camp
July 22-24, July 29-31
ALL AGES, all families (kids, no kids, single parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles) - everyone is welcome!

Want to share these great opportunities with your church families? Your church should have received a mailer with brochures and posters - if you didn't, or you need more, let me know! Just email melissa@lecfamily.org.

We also have financial aid available for families in need, church staff families, and church groups! Don't let money keep you from attending this important family experience!

Questions? Email melissa@lecfamily.org or visit www.lecfamily.org for more information!

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